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Wellness Home- In-person office visits

Our name Baal Perazim (bah’-al per-aw-tseem’) means “breakthrough.” Baal Perazim Wellness Model for Men operates under the tenants of health promotion science; and was birth from the need to close the health disparity gap among men. It’s no secret, women are more likely than men to seek preventive health services. Perazim Wellness Model for Men breaks through the barriers that have traditionally prevented men from engaging in care. Baal Perazim offers three levels of access to wellness care at flat rate pricing. Baal also offers a unique Charity Care Program for men who are uninsured. Baal Perazim is proud to offer inclusive wellness care through the lifespan of men starting at age 13 to geriatrics and a wide range of LGBT services.

Services offered in our Wellness Home are similar to the services offered in a traditional primary care setting.  Our broad range of men health related issues include everything from school physicals, STI management to HIV/Hepatitis management. However, our approach aims to promote adherence, retention and self-efficacy in all men.

Baal-Telemedicine- Telephonic visits

Services are offered via telecommunication. Allows you to communicate with a provider via a HIPAA compliant two-way communication (your home computer or smart phone).

[email protected]– In-home visits

Services are offered in your home. Allows you to communicate with a provider face to face in privacy of your own home.


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