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Our Model

Clinics vs. Wellness Home
Baal Perazim is not a clinic. “clinics are too busy,” “clinics have long waits,” and “Clinics are dark and crowded.” Unfortunately, these are the perceptions voiced by many men seeking care. Similarly, these perceptions have kept many men from entering and remaining engaged with their healthcare providers. Baal Perazim offers services in a small intimate setting rather than a crowded clinic. This allows private and personalized one on one services for every client.

Clients vs. Patients
We refer to you as a “client” rather than a “patient.” It is our goal to promote self-efficacy by partnering with you. The term “patient” implies that you are ill and that your interface with Baal Perazim should only be when you are sick. This is contrary to our model. Although we care for you when you are ill, the ultimate goal is to prevent you from becoming ill.

Profit vs. Mission
Baal Perazim is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations, profit is not the reason why we do what we do. Baal Perazim is mission-driven and believes that health care is a civil right. Unlike other self-pay organizations, we offer a flat rate price structure, regardless of the services rendered. There are absolutely no MEMBERSHIP FEES! In most cases, Baal Perazim Flat Rates are cheaper than commercial insurance co pays.

Cost Transparency
Baal Perazim does its part to control the cost of health care. Cost transparency, which allows consumers to anticipate paying for services helps reduce health care costs in the long run. Our Flat Rate Approach ensures that there are no surprises. In fact, you will always know the cost of your care upfront.