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Baal Perazim believes that evidenced-based prevention strategies are the bedrock to HIV Prevention. Baal Perazim focuses on empowering clients with the basic knowledge about HIV infection, methods of transmission, progression, prognosis as prevention measures.

PrEP has been proven to be an effective strategy to prevent the transmission of HIV. Baal Perazim’s Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) program involves taking oral antiviral drugs daily to reduce one’s risk of acquiring HIV infection. Baal Perazim’s PrEP Program consists of the following:

  • Individualized HIV risk assessments
  • Testing for HIV, kidney function, and STIs
  • Treatment of sexually transmitted infections
  • Medication adherence and HIV Risk Reduction counseling
  • HIV prevention advice
  • Prescriptions of PrEP
  • Follow-up care and monitoring
  • Case management